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Finally, after months, no wait, YEARS, I have made a website for myself.


If anyone procrastinates their life away, it's me. Allison Nicole Vince. Twenty eight years old. Mentally, 65 years old. Well, minus the aches and pains as well as getting up at 6 o'clock After the Meridian. Physically stuck in the body of a 15 year old. 


I've been making artwork my entire life. Unfortunately, my resume doesn't consist of a hardworking art student. Instead, it's a bunch of random sketches with coffee stains in the corner. If you open up my Moleskin you may find tiny bits of marijuana stuck between the pages. Who needs to learn the fundamentals of painting and illustrating? Not me. I've taught myself 85% of what I know. 


So, here it is. The premiere of my website. Have fun.