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Well, here we are again. Another post about "How long it's been since I last made a post." It's true, I looked and the last documented post about "livin' in Procrastination Nation" was made on December 12th 2016. It's only been a year. That's ok. On Saturday morning at 12am sharp I'll recieve an e-mailed reciecpt that I paid $15.99 for another month of a hosted art website. I'll secretly sigh to myself and wonder if I should cancel the site. Does anyone even look at my website? As I'm typing this I'm asking myself what the point even is? No one has to read this or anything, I basically utilize it as a domain to repeatly question my existance as an artist. But, this time around, I am getting soemwhere! I have a waiting list! Schedules! Pre-payments! I'm in demand! Hah, yes you are in demand Allison. It's good. I'm happy. I learned a few things over the past year. I learned how to take my time on some pieces. Boy did that pay off. I sold one of my most successful pieces that I had done since the RedBull show in 2012. Only took 5 years. I don't measure time anymore. I did it, I did what may be simple to some artists. I am a person that has a minimal attention span. I must multi-task at all times. I'm sure I probably even do it when I'm sleeping. Hey, let's dream, toss and turn, go for a sleepwalk and maybe even sleeptalk to some ghosts. Whatever it may be, it interferes with my ability to concentrate. But the older I get, a lot of things don't matter and I've learned how to make time to crawl back into that hole of being a hermit. It's most likely funded by winter strolling in. 


Back to the reality of my work. It takes so much for me to think of new ideas. Sitting down, getting comfortable, picking music, preparing my bowling pin one-hitter. Forgetting what I'm doing, getting into the stone zone. Working for 3 hours without moving anything but my hands and arms. I feel like I look like an animatronic creature from ShowBiz aka Chuck E Cheese. I probably do. You know what? It's fun, that process. Why am I not doing it everyday!?



I'm tired now. I'm going to dump a few new pieces into their respective place on this site. But I'll leave you with this one.


"The Conscience of Evil and the Greater Good" 2017 Oil and Cosmetic on canvas.