It's hard to believe that it has been over two and a half years since my last post. The question is, where has the time gone? I feel like I have achieved nothing but procrastination awards again. It's hard to get back into painting and illustrating when I haven't in quite some time. Sure, I'll draw for a few hours a night a few times a week, but it's nowhere near where I should be. 


We are within weeks of the new year. I have no resolutions. I never make any, soley based upon the fact that those resolutions turn into expectations that I will never meet, therefore leaving me to feel that I've failed. It's ok to fail if you try, but there are times, too many times, that I don't try. The only thing I try to do is devert my attention away from what I need to be working on. My goal in 2015 was to create a piece to put into the DIA. Sadly, but in all practicality and reality, that will probably never happen. However, it pushed and influenced me to work with the mentality that perhaps one day, it could happen. 


And who's to say it won't? ME. But, who knows is the question. I don't. So, let's see what happens. 


Here is my latest piece that I'm currently working.


Nursery painting in progress. 




Peggy Ruby. 

The opening on Saturday was beautiful as well as the preview dinner on Friday. I will post photographs as soon as I inherit them.
Left: Death Manicure /// Right: Blood oranges in the hands of Death


bg_42151401063857.jpgYours truly, plus the other fine gal on the left, will be making a collaborative piece for the show on the 21st. A limited number of tickets for a PREVIEW DINNER from Midollo, will be available for purchase later in the week. Please follow up with my blog for information and details. We cannot wait to display to you beautiful works of art.


Through much needed inspiration from other individuals and the change of the season, it's time to put together another show. Thnak you, Salam Rida, for doing this with me. I couldn't have done any of it without your brilliant mind!


Also, a special thanks to each artist involved in the show. A collaboration of art pieces is not only what the aim is towards. Let's see how our insane minds blend together. 



Finally, after months, no wait, YEARS, I have made a website for myself.


If anyone procrastinates their life away, it's me. Allison Nicole Vince. Twenty eight years old. Mentally, 65 years old. Well, minus the aches and pains as well as getting up at 6 o'clock After the Meridian. Physically stuck in the body of a 15 year old. 


I've been making artwork my entire life. Unfortunately, my resume doesn't consist of a hardworking art student. Instead, it's a bunch of random sketches with coffee stains in the corner. If you open up my Moleskin you may find tiny bits of marijuana stuck between the pages. Who needs to learn the fundamentals of painting and illustrating? Not me. I've taught myself 85% of what I know. 


So, here it is. The premiere of my website. Have fun.